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Cocytus novel

"Cocytus -Ballerina Under the Moonlight" Episode 4 ※Contains sexual scenes.

"Cocytus. A river in the underworld of Greek mythology. A frozen hell that spares no traitors."


"I won't have time to choose a dress because of work," Syunka informed him.

"What about that dress?" Nathan suggested.

"Oh, don't worry about it," he replied calmly, showing no signs of panic.

"Not Hotel Paradiso, but the hotel," he added.

It was 6 p.m. when they got into a taxi as instructed by Nathan and passed through the entrance of the hotel he mentioned.

(A five-star hotel...)

Syunka gaped, unaware of her own expression.

Each decoration reflected in the window seemed to welcome the cobblestones and guests, shining brightly.

How many levels did it have? Certainly much higher than an apartment building.

At the entrance, a well-built man in burgundy uniform greeted them with a warm smile.

Upon mentioning the appointment with Nathan, they were promptly escorted.

He had been waiting in the lounge but immediately stood up when he saw Syunka.

"This way," he said.

They got into the elevator and headed to the 8th floor.

Seeing herself in the mirror inside the elevator, Syunka finally snapped out of her daze.

(Oh no, what underwear was I wearing?)

There was no way to check it here. She had been prepared as Izumi had advised, but hadn't expected to come straight from work.

As she panicked over what to do alone, the elevator made a pleasant sound, reaching the 8th floor.

"This way."

"Oh, right."


Even through her heels, the carpet felt comfortably plush. If the hallway was like this, the room must be even more impressive.

Nathan opened the door with his usual expression. Syunka's heart pounded so intensely it felt like it might burst.

(Oh no, I hadn't thought about any of this.)

Her forehead grew warm.

Looking up at Nathan, he remained cool as ever.

"Come on in."

"Uh, um... about the restroom..."

"It's inside the room."

Of course it would be. Syunka muttered to herself, swallowed nervously, and gathered her resolve.

(Here goes nothing.)

She stepped inside.

The room was bright, and as she crossed the hallway, women were waiting there.

"We've been expecting you, Ms. Aono."

Lined up throughout the room were dresses.

It was a service provided by high-end boutiques for VIP guests, carefully selected beforehand to suit the hotel party. It was perfect for Syunka, who hadn't had time to pick out a dress.

"So that's what this was..."

As her cheeks relaxed, the words slipped out unintentionally.


"Oh, it's nothing. I've never experienced such a service before."

"As we were informed, you have fair skin. Something in wine red would suit you, but..."

"I'm not the star of the party. Something in blue or green, not too flashy."

Nathan left, trusting the rest to them, and exited the room.

"Understood. Would you mind standing here for a moment?"

Prompted by the female staff, she stood and slipped off her heels.

They proceeded to measure her all over with a tape measure.

"You have a dancer's figure."

"I used to do ballet."

"Ah, I see. That explains your elegant physique."

"Do dancers' figures vary?"

"Yes, they do. Ballet is graceful, hip-hop is more athletic, and ballroom dancers tend to have a fuller figure."

They were deciding on the dress style that would suit her best. They suggested empire and mermaid cuts.

"Simple designs suit you, Ms. Aono."

A deep navy dress, reminiscent of a midnight ocean, made of silk with a mermaid silhouette and draped neckline, shone under the lights.

"It's beautiful."

"Please try it on."

While Syunka changed into the blouse, the staff moved to the corridor. Alongside the dresses, they had pumps, shawls, and bags—all essentials for the party.

Truly a five-star experience. Despite the evening hour, the service was impeccable, with no signs of fatigue or reluctance from the staff.

After putting on the dress, she called for the staff, who brought in a mirror as she entered the room.

"It suits you. I think the deep navy looks wonderful on you, but would you like to try any others?"

"No, I love this one."

"Very well, I'll call Mr. Blackmore. Please wait."

Another staff member prepared pumps, and Syunka was swiftly transformed into her party attire. She felt like Cinderella.

While admiring herself in the mirror, she couldn't help but wonder about Nathan's reaction.

(...I wonder what he thinks...)

Lost in thought, she was interrupted by a friendly smile from a female staff member.

"You're like our fairy godmother."

"It's an honor. We're trained for such moments."

"Is this your vision?"

"Exactly. It's one of our goals."

A silver clutch, white pumps, and a shawl woven with silver threads—all coordinated beautifully.

As the door opened, she sensed Nathan entering. When she turned around, their eyes met.

"Mr. Blackmore, what do you think?"

"Ah, just as I expected. I'll take this entire set."

"Very well. We'll deliver it on the day of..."

"Oh, uh... hmm?"

Syunka reached behind her back, struggling with the zipper's clasp, fearing she might tear the dress. Nathan stepped up from behind.

"Stay still."

His voice over her shoulder made her cheeks flush.

"Oh, the zipper's caught. Sorry, just hold on a moment."

He gently pulled the dress closer around her chest and waist, accentuating her figure.

His strong fingers slowly pulled down the zipper. As it slid down with a soft zipping sound, her heartbeat quickened.

As her skin was exposed to the air, she felt a rush of relief, and her back was vulnerably exposed.

"There we go."

His fingers lightly brushed against her bare waist, sending a gentle electric sensation through her body.

"...It looks stunning on you."

He whispered near her ear, his warmth radiating from his hand on her shoulder.

In the mirror, Syunka saw Nathan gazing at her reflection, just as intrigued.



Time flew by, and it was already 8 o'clock.

After finishing changing clothes and being invited to dinner together, Syunka descended to the lobby.

Looking for Nathan, who had arrived before her, she found him gazing at a painting displayed in the lobby.


She started to call his name but stopped herself. His eyes seemed devoid of color, reflecting a sense of resignation, not emptiness but a distant gaze.


She hesitated to speak and approached quietly.

Nathan turned at the sound of her footsteps.

At that moment, as if he regained color right then and there, he smiled.

Syunka managed a faint smile in return, though hers probably didn't match his in finesse.

"What... is this painting?"

"Well, I'm not quite sure."

Nathan seemed to have been staring at it intently. And once again, his manner of speaking had changed.

Just when she thought they were getting closer, an invisible barrier seemed to appear between them once more.

It was frustrating.

Syunka stood beside him and looked up at the painting.

It depicted a maiden surrounded by numerous flowers, all softly blurred, as if events beyond a veil of mist.

"I now understand what love truly is."

The message was succinctly written.


Nathan muttered the word under his breath.

"Whose love? Hers? Or perhaps the painter's own?"

Nathan lightly touched the message and let out a sigh.

"Shall we go? It's a bit late, but let's have dinner."

They arrived at what could be called a popular diner, bustling with noise. Many people had come here to drink, and songs were playing here and there.

"Does this place have no connection to Crane Jell?"

"No, they don't fancy places like this."

"Really? Why not?"

Nathan smiled, his eyes crinkling at her question.

"I don't know."

"Oh, I see. Well..."

"You're a bit innocent, aren't you? It might be better not to mention that name."

"But it all feels so movie-like. Mafia and all."

Seafood dishes were brought over. Despite their haphazard presentation, the shellfish were firm and juicy, generously coated in sauce, enticing the appetite.

"I'm surprised. You come to places like this too?"

The restaurant was lively, with live music playing. She had to speak loudly for Nathan to hear her across the table.

"Surprised? This is pretty much my kind of place."


She squinted at him skeptically, and Nathan leaned closer.

"Really. Do you think I'd bring you to a place like this on our first date?"


"Do you not remember how we met? I, well, picked you up."

Their eyes met closely. Nathan's amber eyes reflected a hue even more mysterious than the moon, mirroring Syunka herself.

"It seems a bit late to bring it up now. I thought we were becoming friends here."

"Friendship, was it? That's too bad."

"You're just kidding around. Which one is the real you?"

The volume increased further, and Syunka was practically shouting. Nathan watched her with a smirk.

Once again, the barrier they'd felt earlier seemed to vanish. What could it be?

"The real me?"


Nathan leaned back in his chair, creating distance between them.

"That's a tough question. Maybe you'll find out."

"That's unfair."

"Me? Unfair?"

"You easily see through me, yet you hide yourself."


Nathan leaned forward, peering into Syunka's eyes, as if searching for something unseen.

"If that's true, then it's good. You still have something hidden, like a small spark."

"A spark?"

Nathan reached out, his finger hovering over Syunka's collarbone. His gaze slowly traced up and down from there, meeting her eyes once more.

"Yes. I'm waiting to see when it will ignite. Yet I haven't found the spark that will ignite it. I haven't found you yet."

"...Are you just dodging the question?"



"Call me Nate."


"Nate, call me Nate."


"Yeah... Thank you."

Nathan softened his gaze and smiled gently at Syunka.

At that moment, she felt like she finally saw his genuine smile.


Hotel Paradiso" was nearing.

Syunka was a little sad to arrive so soon and stopped a taxi to walk along the sandy beach.

Following Syunka's lead, Nathan also took off his shoes and walked barefoot.

It was a night lit only by stars and street lamps.

"Why ballet?"

"Well... I happened to see a recital or something. They were jumping around like fairies, so cute, I thought I'd give it a try. There was a studio nearby, so why not?"

The sound of waves crashing was pleasant.

Thoughts began to flow like the waves.

"My body wasn't flexible at first, so it was tough in the beginning. But I never felt like quitting."

"And that led you to go professional?"

"Yeah. It's strange, right? I thought foreign countries were so far away. But once you decide, they're surprisingly close."

"It's all about making decisions."

"That's right. My size hasn't changed, so..."

"Interesting way to put it. It's admirable that you never lost yourself no matter where you were."

"Really? Maybe because everyone was like a family. If I had been in a world different from ballet at the time, I wonder what would have happened. And you, Nate? Why did you become a consultant?"

"It seemed to suit me. What my mentor said turned out to be useful."

"A school teacher?"

"No, from my first job. He... well, he might resemble Virgil. Intelligent, strong sense of justice. He was passionate."

"You admire him."

"...Yeah. He had a clear vision. So I never hesitated or made mistakes... or so it seemed."

Nathan shook his head and smiled softly.

"Well, my story is not the point. You... seemed so passionate about ballet, so why did you stop? Even I know about the Lausanne Competition; being there... you must have been highly regarded?"

"...I got so caught up in winning awards and worrying about the judges' eyes... Unlike your mentor, I lost sight of my goals."

Nathan stopped walking. Syunka turned around.

"Their eyes are tough. They're real, so they want to see the real thing. I got so desperate to be recognized by them that I started focusing only on technique... Eventually, I didn't know what to do on stage anymore. What was I supposed to express as Giselle? I don't remember. What was Giselle supposed to convey? What were the audience looking for? What was Giselle?"

A spotlight burning brightly.

Expectations of the audience.

In the glamorous world, Syunka felt out of place.

Always worried about someone's evaluation.

"I just need to place in the next competition. This is my last chance. I'll surprise the judges next time..." The coach's words slipped from her mind.

Why am I dancing?

"...I lost sight of my vision and then I had an accident... It felt liberating. But it was scary. It wasn't really my leg that broke."

Thus ended Act One of her life.

"It's okay. There's no life where you can live just for yourself. So in that sense, maybe I was lucky to have done so much while young. But..."

"You feel incomplete. You feel despair because there are things left undone?"

Directly confronted, Syunka was startled by an answer she hadn't realized herself.

"...Yeah. Working as an art buyer, I think about it. The eyes of the customers when they see artworks, they truly sparkle. Some even cry. As you said, artists devote their souls and lives to expressing what's precious to them. Some express anger, hatred too. But if it's for people, it can even cleanse the anger of those who see it. That's what I should have done through Giselle, move the hearts of the viewers. It took me too long to realize that."

Like painting Paradiso after the war, just like him. Instead of seeking approval, she should have done it for someone.

"It's never too late once you realize."

Nathan smiled. But his eyes looked at a distant past.

A past that could never be entered. Syunka couldn't bear to look and dropped her gaze.

――I don't know about your past self, but I'm glad we met like this now. Because your present self exists because of your past.

It was Nathan who said that.

But Syunka didn't feel the same way.

"If your past made your present self, where are you now?"

She murmured.

The sound of the waves stood tall and eventually settled.

Then Nathan spoke.


Syunka raised her face at his murmuring.

Nathan let out a sigh and took Syunka's hand.

"Show me for a moment."


"Your ballet. Just a pose... Is this ground too unstable?"

He said, tilting his head slightly, making her feel a bit ticklish. It wasn't often she was urged by a man.

"Well... if it's just a pose."

It was fortunate that it was night. By now, her cheeks must be turning red. Syunka moved away from him and stood, facing outward with her toes.

Gradually lifting both arms as if circling her shoulder blades, she raised her heels... Her body moved unexpectedly.

Opening her arms like a blooming flower, tilting her body and lifting her leg... Pain shot through her left foot.

When she stumbled, she was gently supported by strong arms.

"...Maybe I have a bit of a gap after all."

Now, looking into Nathan's eyes, she felt her whole body boiling.

Relying on her arms, she straightened her posture... Nathan's hand around her waist, holding her tightly.

"...Beautiful. If I could, I wanted to see your ballet."

At that moment, Syunka felt as if time had momentarily stopped.

Why would he say it can't happen anymore?

Syunka forgot the heat that lit up her body and looked up at him.

Nathan's eyes were serious.


"You'll be going back soon. That's okay."

"What do you mean...?"

Why did he stare so firmly at times like this?

When she touched his cheek to verify his presence, Nathan placed his hand over hers.

"It's fine to live just for yourself."

With that, his hand was released.

As if it was goodbye.

Syunka reflexively took his hand.


"I... don't want that."


"...I'm... excited because it's overseas. I know it'll just become a beautiful memory once I leave, and I'll regret it."

"An adventure?"


"And you too?"


For the first time, Syunka saw hesitation in Nathan's eyes.

"Why did you approach me? Since we'll be parting soon anyway?"

Nathan shook his head.

"That was just chance. I saw you, and your eyes intrigued me. Eyes that sparkled like sparks. They dazzled me, irresistibly."


"Because it became something distant for me."

Syunka couldn't understand Nathan's true intentions. But she felt that his words were sincere.

"Even though you're here."

Nathan breathed as if his throat trembled.

"Being closer to anyone... There's no distance."


Nathan's arm embraced Syunka's waist.

She was pulled closer, feeling his strong heartbeat against her skin.

"I wish you weren't you."

Like a muttered soliloquy, the whisper fell into her ears, and as she raised her face without understanding, she received a kiss.

When they got to the room, Nathan hugged Shunka without saying anything.
The hot palm of his hand slowly caressed his back, and Shunka was breathless.
I put my arms around his neck and shoulders, and Nathan.'s hand reaches out and strokes his ass. A rugged hand slipped into her skirt, and Shunka shuddered. When I hugged her tightly, Nathan. stroked her back.
His hands were surprisingly gentle, but his body temperature was high.
I feel proud.
"...... to bed."
Shunka's voice is also hoarse with anticipation.
Nathan nodded and took her in a hug as she walked into the bedroom. A masculine scent flows into the scent of gardenia.
The bed creaked as they climbed on it.
Without pause, Nathan. asked for Shunka's lips. Contrary to the soft touch, the kiss is passionate. The lipstick is tangled, and the bare lips are swollen and red from the kiss, moist and wet. When I traced my tongue with the tip of my tongue, the pleasure that seemed to melt flowed into my waist.
Nathan's hands stroke all over Shunka's body and pull up her blouse. A bra embroidered with flowers appeared on white, and at the same time, a soft, sweet, flower-like scent of seasonal fruits was released.
As if sniffing the incense of flowers, Nathan buried his nose in his chest, and after checking the scent quickly, he looked up.
Eye contact.
Shunka raises himself and traces Nathan's cheek with his fingertips. Suck on each other's lips, let go of her body, and took off her blouse.
A cold air hit his shoulders, but the cold quickly dissipated as Nathan quickly hugged him. When you stroke your shoulder with your fingertips, it feels like burning under your shorts. Shunka's body trembled.
I stroke his chest as he breathes heavily, and I put my hand on the buttons of his shirt. It didn't work, and Shunka reached for the sideboard.
Amber's light lights up at her feet in the dark room.
When it became easier to see, Nathan. unbuttoned himself and took off his shirt.
Along with the sweat, a warm, deep, fragrant wood-like smell is emitted. It seems to make the soul tremble. I want to feel his smell more.
Strong muscles move smoothly under the skin. It's like a beast. Lonely, noble, like a beautiful wolf.
He bent down and licked and sucked on the nape of Shunka's neck.
"Oh...... "
It was as if pleasure was implanted in the blood vessels. The tongue and lips of the Nathan are overrun by the nape of the neck, left and right, and many, many, many, and more. A hand is placed on the skirt and the zipper is unfastened.
"For the second time today, ......."
I laughed, and Nathan laughed and said, "That's right."
"I wanted to take you away like that."
Because of this, Shunka's whole body became hot, and he bit his lip and shook his head.
"Me too...... I was prepared for it."
"Are you ready?"
Nathan takes off her skirt and drops it under the bed and looks up at her.
"Of what?"
Kissing her cleavage, she whispered so meanly.
"…… I'm prepared to do this."
Nathan laughed softly.
"It's an honor."
Her bare thighs were traced, and Shunka slid closer. It seems that small fires are slowly being lit here and there. His fingertips gently caressed her skin, making circles and sliding down her inner thighs, causing Shunka to let out an "ah”
Inside your shorts, you'll no longer be able to go back.
Nathan put her hands around Shunka's back and removed her bra.
Her plump white breasts, with blue veins, stand out suspiciously in the amber lighting, swaying softly with her breath as she eases her breath. The coral pink nipples that were taut in anticipation of pleasure even reacted to the outside air.
Nathan.'s hand gently wraps around her breast.
I caressed the existence with a hand that handled a fragile object, and buried my fingers in her breast with great force.
Sigh...... And the hot stuff goes out through the throat of the Syunka.
Her hips swayed, she opened her legs to balance herself, but Natha pulled her face closer and took her sensitive nipple in he mouth.
"Hmm...... Whew!"
It is wetted with plenty of saliva and rolled with the tongue to taste. Shunka gasped easily, clinging to his neck like a drowning person.
As it is, she is pushed down on the bed and her legs are opened. I could feel Nathan's hot stuff through my shorts as I attacked my nipples even more.
He tries to close his legs, but Nathan Nathan's body won't allow it.
As I squirmed, a burning hot breath hit my throat. Her body trembles, and Nathan.'s hand presses her hips firmly.
"Wait a minute, I'm desperately trying to endure it."
His voice exuded an unusually tense tone.
The one that was completely stunned was the momentum to break through the slacks and shorts of the Syunka.
It's heavy, it's hot, and it's looking for a place to fit.
Natha exhaled and pulled down his slacks and underwear, still with his belt on.
His stuff rises so much that it curls up, and it seems to be beating itself. The stems were wet with his own anticipation, and he was spreading his hat as if to boast of its wonderful hardness.
I felt that the air had become heavy. Hot nectar overflowed in her shorts, and her labia opened and closed tightly as she asked.
His stuff is big and stiff to match. Shunka was anxious, but her uterus instinctively ached and the heat wandered through her body.
(It's going to be crazy as it is)
It's like I'm drunk.
His head is dizzy, his vision is moist.
Nathan wraps Shunka's head in his hand and puts his lips on it and devours her tongue.
His rough but dexterous fingers trace his hips, hooking his shorts and pulling them down.
The thick nectar pulled the strings and wetted Shunka's thighs.
The soggy wet shorts are blown away somewhere, and Nathan's hands stroke both of his inner thighs. - That alone causes the love juice to overflow again and flow to the buttocks.
Nathan breathes in between her legs.
A hot breath hit his pubic area, causing Shunka to bounce on his back.
"It smells good."
I thought I heard a hoarse voice, and then I was sucked up the nectar with my swollen labia.
The tip of her hot tongue traced her labia. Shunka stands on her toes and grips the pillow tightly with each suck.
"Is it okay to put it in?"
It didn't seem to be a question, Nathan immediately slid his middle finger along his labia and slowly advanced into the secret mouth that was overflowing with love juice and still twitching.
The inner walls rustled, sucking on his fingers. However, the fingers immediately return to the secret mouth.
"Oh no......"
"Whew, you have a cute voice."
About time...... he's fingers slip in as if to try again. Her folds were rubbed, probed with he fingers, and wriggled with joy.
"I can't imagine how intelligent your face is."
Nathan.'s fingers are bent inside. Hitting a good spot, Shunka squeezes his eyes shut.
Nodding repeatedly, Nathan's fingers circled there, rubbed and knocked.
"Oh, no......!"
The pleasure of running climbs up the spine. - She climaxed lightly.
I've never had an orgasm so fast before. However, I don't have much experience.
Noticing her climax, Nathan kissed Shunka's forehead while breathing on her shoulder.
"It's an honest body."
"I'm embarrassed...... Oh, wait......"
Another ring finger slipped into the secret hole that had been soaked.
Nectar is stirred out with a sound of stir. His hands are getting wetter and wetter.
A hot and sharp pleasure comes again.
When Shunka stiffens to his toes, Nathan breathes heavily through his mouth and sucks tightly on his tight, which was still erect.
"You're so cute."
"Oh, hey...... Wait...... Whew!"
While being sucked again, when the sensitive inner walls are tampered with, it is easily swallowed by the second wave.
Shunka exhales, shaking his shoulders.
When Nathan's fingers came out, his secret mouth trembled regretfully.
My body felt weak and fluffy, but I couldn't finish it yet.
Shunka slowly got up and kissed Nathan Tongues intertwined, saliva mingles.
Stroking his thick chest, Nathan's hand guides Shunka's hand down.
- He's pubic hair is the same brown as he's hair, and she touches he's penis that is tense as if she is desperate.
Using the thick cowper as lubricant, Shunka stroked it with ease.
Underneath the hot skin is like heated steel. It's tough and rugged, and it's like a different creature.
From the root to the swollen part of the top. Nathan.'s breath was disturbed by Shunka's caress.
"…… Does it feel good?"
Anxiously asked, Nathan looked at Shunka and gasped.
"…… yeah"
Her hips shake again at the reply mixed with sighs.
- In the back of the secret mouth, the heat from earlier returned again, and the nectar began to fill.
(I'm doing something about it)
But I'm irresistibly happy about it.
Stroke your penis with your palms...... - She is so wet that she is about to squirt semen.
Nathan sought out his slacks and threw them off, then pulled them off and put on a thin layer of elastic.
"Come over here."
I sat down straddling his legs as he was led by the arm and led by him.
His stuff is present in the form of rubbing the clitoris.
Nathan lifts Shunka's buttocks, explores the secret opening, and puts his penis there.
When the entire pubic area was traced with a hot thing, there was a pleasure as if it was being burned on a dull fire with pleasure and anticipation for the next.
"Are you impatient......?"
"No, ...... but your place is so clean that it would be a shame to mess it up."
Nathan turns her labia as if she were flipping through the petals of a flower and savors them with her gaze.
At the same time, the tip of the penis moves as if licking the secret mouth. Shunka shook her hips in disgust.
Also, My vision is distorted by tears.
"Nate...... It's going to be crazy...... I've ...... more."
"Do you want more?"
In her moist vision, Amber's seductive eyes look at her.
His eyes are glaring, like a wolf aiming at its prey. Just looking at it makes the back of my body burn hot.
Nathan drops another kiss on her lips and his hand slowly glides over her skin.
Heat is transmitted from his fingertips.
"I can't stand it anymore, I want you."
He whispered lowly.
It looks like they're all going to be eaten at once—Knowing that, Shunka nodded.


The amber light enveloped them both.

Nathan embraced Shunka's shoulders, savoring the fragrance of her hair against his chest.

Similar to the gardenia scent filling the room, it was delightful.

The warmth of human touch, now distant. No, what he truly desired wasn't just the touch of skin, but the warmth of another person's presence.

Now, if he reached out, it was right there.

Shunka's fingers intertwined with Nathan's, holding on firmly.

Delicate fingers, small hands. They seemed fragile, as if they might break with too much pressure.

"What do you want to do?" he asked.

In response, Shunka looked up at Nathan with a shy gaze.

"...," she paused, exhaling softly as she buried her face against his chest.

"... I still don't know," she murmured.

"You'll know soon," he assured her.

"Yeah. But, for now... just a little longer," she replied.

"Is this okay, like this?" he asked.

Shunka nodded honestly. It was a gesture like that of a cuddling cat. Nathan gently stroked her shoulder.

(What should I do?)

He already knew.

The spark she held had awakened Nathan long before she herself realized.

Soft, rhythmic breathing could be heard.

Eyelids lined with long lashes closed firmly, protecting almond-shaped eyes.

Watching this somehow softened Nathan's expression.

He kissed her on her smooth forehead, then relaxed into the bed, letting go of his body's tension.

It was a familiar routine—to sleep anywhere at a moment's rest, to wake at the slightest sound... Somewhere, he felt he heard the voice of a familiar person.


"To be continued"→"Cocytus -Ballerina Under the Moonlight" Episode 5


"Please read between the lines as the sexual scenes are translated differently, which may make it somewhat challenging to follow."





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