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Women's AV Feature: Handsome Men Series Vol. 15 - Takuya Watanabe


A sweet-faced handsome actor. His appearance is reminiscent of a model or idol.

It seems he hasn't been active in AV recently, with no current information available. Besides his past works, there doesn't appear to be particularly intense content...

He performs well and conveys a serious demeanor.

Targeted towards women, emphasizing drama, it's designed to be enjoyed for its atmosphere, so there shouldn't be much issue.

With his prince-like looks, he provides plenty of satisfaction by delivering thrilling service scenes that will make your heart skip a beat."

Introduced through a friend, Wataru instantly falls for Saori.

With each meeting, his feelings grow stronger, and on their fourth date, he confesses his love. He had hoped for a positive response, but she gently declines, saying, "Right now, I can't see us as more than friends." Yet, those two words, "right now," ignite hope in Wataru, fueling his feelings even more!



"Handsome Takuya Watanabe Stares at You - Heart-pounding POV Drama.

When I went out drinking with a junior colleague from work whom I've always been curious about, he invited me with a sweet, affectionate look saying, 'I don't want you to leave tonight, senpai'... Nervous but constantly melting from his gentle and loving gestures!!"



"Model-like Takuya Watanabe's Collection of Works!!

Takuya, who makes you turn back when you pass him on the street... Innocently playing with cats... Sweating profusely as he skillfully skateboards... Once a school idol and playboy, now realizing true love... Drinking a magical aphrodisiac and irresistibly pouncing on you... Explore every corner of Takuya's world!"



"After graduating from a local junior college and starting work in Tokyo, Akemi feels exhausted by the hustle and bustle of city life. She decides to take a long vacation to reconsider her future and returns to her hometown.

While spending leisurely time alone at her parents' house, her younger brother's childhood friend Yuki comes by. They've had a connection since they were young, but they actually had a subtle parting before Akemi moved to Tokyo. Akemi is bewildered by their reunion after a long time apart..."



"Naomi, a charming and popular devilish girl among male colleagues.

However, the only one who doesn't succumb to Naomi's temptations is senior employee Masato. Initially unnoticed by Naomi, she gradually starts to take an interest in Masato... Trying various tactics to get his attention but being ignored, today she decides to execute a bold plan of visiting his home..."


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