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Character Introductions for "Cocytus -Ballerina Under the Moonlight"


Syunka Aono

The heroine of the story. An art buyer fluent in English and Italian. While she often travels abroad as a supporter, this is her first solo assignment to procure artworks. Modest yet strong-willed.


Nathan Blackmore

The hero of the story. A business consultant. Half-American, half-Japanese with a distant relationship with his father. Quiet but humorous, enjoys driving.


Ayaka Ohara

Syunka's boss and Art Director. Asked by clients to host the "Dante Divine Comedy Exhibition" and sent Syunka to Italy. A glamorous and intellectually mature woman.



Local coordinator in Italy. Ambitious and building connections everywhere.



Syunka's friend. Former gyaru. Currently pregnant and a supportive confidante to Syunka in Italy.



Manager of the apartment hotel and hotel "Hotel Paradiso" where Syunka stays. A calm and gentle elderly gentleman, watching over Syunka.



Ballet dancer. Principal of a modern ballet company.


Arata Shindo

Nathan's associate. Engaged in various clandestine activities.



Augusto is the capo (boss) of the Mafia "Crane Gello," clandestinely controlling Monte Luce.

He is ruthless and calculating, harboring a deep aversion to betrayal. Despite dismissing drug and human trafficking as nonsensical, he has built a robust business empire through other illicit activities, establishing himself as a charismatic figure.


Leonardo Rossi

Leonardo Rossi is a police officer who infiltrated Crane Gello. Despite his meek appearance, he possesses extraordinary courage and resilience.


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