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"Women's AV Feature: Handsome Men Series Vol. 14 - Sousuke Azuma


With a crisply toned and elite aura, he exudes more 'manly charm' than just handsome.

He looks good in suits, outdoor work attire, and traditional Japanese clothing, blending a cool, stern demeanor with a love for comedy, showing great skill in bridging distances with others.

Rather than a power play of who leads in S&M, there's a sense of being a great partner capable of building an equal relationship with a resigned acceptance.

He handles intimate moments and communication effortlessly without stiffness, yet also carries a serious atmosphere well, making him an actor who's a double delight in one package.

Though Azuma is an AV actor, he's a born entertainer who shines brightly on variety shows.

In this latest work where he challenges his true self, partnered with Jiyuu, it's become a playful and laughter-filled intimate encounter where even Jiyuu can't stop laughing. The real-life gaps that sometimes entertain and sometimes emotionally resonate make it feel like you're peeking into the lives of lovers!


Ryuuji, taken in by a faction of the "Kinugawa-kai" without knowing his parents' faces, naturally drifts into the underworld.

During a routine debt collection, he encounters Shima, who has lost her parents. Drawn to her defiant attitude, instead of repayment, she demands to meet him. Through their days together, Ryuuji experiences emotions for the first time. And so, the two begin to develop feelings for each other...



Ryo and Misato, both unhappily married, bond over their shared dissatisfaction and end up in an affair stemming from their business dealings.

Initially passionate, they eventually realize they need to end their parallel infidelity. Just as they start thinking this way, Misato insists on a one-night hot spring trip, saying, 'Let me have you all to myself for once.' However, Misato seems to have decided this will be their last...



"An omnibus drama depicting unexpectedly intense affairs that reveal faces unseen in public, contrasting with their usual behavior:

  • 'The Clown's True Face': A colleague who always jokes around unexpectedly starts a passionate affair.
  • 'Reverse Romance': Discovering a surprising side of a subordinate who was once annoying, causing hearts to sway."



Mikito and Kiko are currently in a long-distance relationship between Shizuoka and Tokyo.

They had planned a date for the first time in three months, but an urgent work assignment caused Mikito to cancel the night before. Kiko, who had been looking forward to it, was furious. Just as she was about to give up and go to sleep, she received a message from Mikito asking, 'Do you want to eat some ice cream?' Thinking it was a joke, she replied, only to hear the sound of the front door unlocking...!?


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