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Women's AV Feature: Handsome Men Series Vol. 13 - Tsuyoshi Kitazawa


He may not have many appearances, but he's a rare wild-type handsome actor catered towards women.
With beautiful amber eyes, his gaze can unintentionally make your heart flutter.
However, he's definitely not your typical shoujo manga type. He's more for those who like outdoor work and such.
Former professional boxer, so you'd think he's quite dominant... but surprisingly gentle in bed, as evidenced by sneak peeks at love hotel new year parties. Trusted by those around him as a reliable older brother.
Although he's retired from AV now, he was quite popular back then!
A must-see for women who want to be comforted by a man with nurturing qualities.

But really, his appearance matches his name perfectly... Honestly, his play style is totally my type. So sweet."

Boys scouted on the street are now taking on a challenge with sexy gravure photo shoots!

Their athletic bodies, as active boxers, are exposed in a series of provocative shots... On the rooftop and on the sofa in the room, how will this usually tough guy react!? Following the abs of the inviting girlfriend, his fingers trace resilient... He dives manfully into the for while even though even if did of...



Handsome Tsuyoshi Kitazawa in a suit speaks directly to you in a sweet POV video. As you work diligently, your coworker gazes at you tenderly... just when you thought so, things take a secretive turn in the office...!



Akane Nishikawa, the protagonist who lives alone, gets a new neighbor, Ryuji Sata (Kitazawa).

While Akane thinks Ryuji, who callously rejected her friend Aiue, is a cold and unpleasant guy, an incident occurs that changes everything. Is he a muscular, sex-hungry guy!? The excitement won't stop as I see the secret side that he only shows to me!



AV actors, handsome men, and male employees gather for a love hotel New Year's party!!

Positions? Angles? Sensitive spots? From thrilling conversations to unexpectedly risqué cosplay!? And finally, ending with men squeezing into a bath together naked...! Peek into the secret men's gathering of six erotic handsome men, scenes you wouldn't normally see!



Mizuo moved to Tokyo for university and started working after graduation. However, after being dumped by a man, she returned exhausted to her family home in Kumamoto.

There, she reunited with Kouki, who she had mutual feelings for back in elementary school. Despite hearing rumors of him becoming an uncontrollable delinquent, he has since reformed and dreams of opening a ramen shop. They arranged to meet for old times' sake, but...


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