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Women's AV Feature: Handsome Men Series Vol. 12 - Chiaki Uehara


A slightly cute boy with a baby face and bright eyes... However, this actor harbors a 'manly' demeanor with a sharp, composed expression.
Surprisingly defined body with faintly visible abs lines that are not just provocative... but beautiful.
He communicates with eye contact, providing a reassuring presence even just by watching.
He can also portray the 'M' role convincingly from his appearance... A must-see for older ladies.
Though he looks like a prince, he also exudes a reliable big brother vibe, making him a double delight actor

Chiaki Uehara, a dependable man who effortlessly resolves women's troubles.

In this refreshing romance story, he navigates through relationships with a junior colleague, a local junior, and a gym student who all hold affection for him! Always appearing dashing to resolve any troubles that arise, Chiaki Uehara captures not just their hearts but also those of the women around him!



Rika, who was refreshingly casual during fun conversations, seems to have a switch that flips when it comes to lovey-dovey mode...!? Chiaki is drawn to this contrast and gets more and more excited. It seems Rika wanted to enjoy the mood especially during these times



Chiaki Uehara is set up for a hidden camera prank...!



Targeted towards women who adore cute boys. Uehara, newly assigned to a women's lingerie manufacturer, has little experience with women and is bewildered by women's underwear. Enjoy watching the adorable Uehara navigate this new role!



Takagi, who turned 28 without any experience in relationships or with men, finds it difficult to interact with the opposite sex. Among her colleagues, Kurosaki stands out as someone she can easily talk to, whom she secretly admires as an unattainable figure. However, one day during a party, fueled by alcohol, she confesses her feelings to him...!


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