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Women's AV Feature: Handsome Men Series Vol. 11 - Daichi Oikawa


A cute type with a bright and full smile...... However,  is an actor with an adult charm who can't let his guard down anywhere~.

I think it will stick with the type of woman who likes interesting people???

However, it is also a high point that you are escorting the other woman firmly in bed.

He is not a flashy type, but he is a strangely attractive actor who has both stability and magic

I couldn't resist, so we went ahead with a surprise plan for Daichi Oikawa! Daichi couldn't help but writhe in ecstasy from the slightly extreme punishment!



Mizumoto, who secretly harbors feelings for his boss Takamatsu, strives to earn his respect but faces challenges with his clumsy mistakes. One day, their project gets approved, and they go on a successful business trip together. During the celebration afterward, things start to feel just right between them...



Jin and Saeko have been secretly dating for two years while working at the same business hotel, keeping it hidden from their colleagues. Recently, Saeko has been feeling bored with their relationship and craving more excitement. She starts receiving a lot of attention from other men, which excites her, but Jin catches her in the act. Although he pretends nothing happened, later, when they are alone in a guest room, Jin appears, driven by jealousy, and confronts Saeko...!



Tomoe has a hidden hobby that she keeps secret from her loving boyfriend Takeshi... She watches AV movies every night and passionately supports her favorite AV actresses!

One day, while deeply engrossed in watching an AV DVD, Takeshi suddenly comes over and accidentally starts playing the DVD she was watching. Tomoe panics and tries to explain herself, but Takeshi unexpectedly says, "Let's watch AV together!



Shiho, disappointed by the lack of expected encounters at a friend's wedding, found herself confiding in the bartender at her regular bar. Just then, Itsuki, a handsome young man who seemed comfortable around women, appeared. Could this be the fateful encounter she had been waiting for?



I'm sorry! Produced by the distributor of this sample video, "DMM・FANZA" cannot be used outside of Japan.



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