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Name: Mizuki Camellia

Age: In their 30s.

Nationality: Japanese. Raised in Osaka, Kansai region.


Up until their mid-20s, they identified as male-dominant X-gender (probably) but biologically female. (By the way, their romantic interest is only in men, although sometimes even men are impossible depending on the situation.)

Born prematurely, they have been physically weak from birth. They developed atopic dermatitis before they could remember, have an allergic constitution with hay fever (which has almost disappeared), and chemical sensitivity.

Apparently, they have developmental disorders. Asperger’s (borderline hidden Asperger’s), two types of ADHD, among other things.

Skin diseases do not generally heal completely, so they continue to have issues, but thanks to Kazunosuke and essential oils, they have become milder.

In their 20s, they developed an unknown chest illness, experienced hospitalization, surgery, and medication treatment, and battled the illness for two years.

They also had sleep disorders, menstrual pain, and premenstrual syndrome.

They attempted improvement through yoga and exercise, and tried dietary therapies with superficial knowledge, but all failed.

Just before turning 30, they started practicing Japanese and Chinese medicinal cuisine and succeeded in improving their constitution.

Exercise that fit them perfectly included belly dance and YouTube-based exercise videos incorporating basic ballet.

From this experience, they learned that there is a suitable exercise and dietary therapy for each person. They believe that what is widely accepted by the general public does not necessarily fit everyone, and respect for individuals is important.

They realized that most of their illnesses were related to “sex hormones” and deeply understood the importance of balancing them.

As a result, their sleep disorders have lightened, and they can now control the discomfort during menstruation.

These days, they deeply appreciate the importance of being a woman.

改めてご挨拶。 私がなぜこういった情報発信をしているのか?についてお話します。

"Japanese and Chinese Medicinal Cuisine Certification"


"Certified Chocolate Meister"


"Skincare Specialist"


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